May 11th - Update on Kenny's fishing expedition in Nipawin

Wendy has just reminded me that I haven't explained what happened with Kenny's fishing at Nipawin. Well, here's the photo that Kenny gave me of the fish again. Look closely, (I didn't!) and you might see that the fisherman is NOT Kenny.

Apparently, the fishing season up here hasn't started yet, so Kenny had a frustrating day driving around these wonderful lakes and rivers and not being able to fish. He went into a bar where there was a photo of a fisherman holding his prize catch. In typical Texan fashion he took a photo of the picture and claimed the fish was his!!!

There's still a long way to go and many places we will be visiting are fishing areas. So, with a bit of luck, we WILL get our fresh fish meal care of Mr.Croucher. Here's hoping!

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