May 8th - Calgary, Alberta to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Just one night in Calgary is nowhere near long enough to see and appreciate all that this rapidly growing city has to offer, but then these short stays are part of our long distance drives and you get used to saying goodbye to a city so soon after saying hello!

Today was the longest distance drive of the trip, just over 400 miles. We left Calgary at 9am and headed more or less due east onto the Canadian prairie. The weather was gloriously sunny and the temperature a cool 4 degrees. As soon as we turned off the freeway on to the Albertan country roads that cross mile after mile of wheat fields, we saw for the first time the incredible size of Canada's agriculture. In all directions, as far as you could see, were fields of stubble from last year's harvest. They haven't yet started to plough and sow this year's crop. The patterns created by the harvesters make a wonderful photo.

There are grain storage silos everywhere you look. They make a great photo subject as this photo of Wendy's will confirm .

Almost immediately Bob had to stop because his second spare wheel, mounted on his roof rack, had come loose.  He climbed up and spent five minutes re-tying it down.

About one hour into the drive we came across Horseshoe Canyon created by catastrophic flood erosion at the end of the last ice age.

One of the great things about doing these drives is that almost everyday you come across something that is totally unexpected. Today, it was the dinosaur museum in Drumheller. Wendy was reading the AAA guide and noticed that the next town we were coming to, Drumheller, was renowned for its dinosaurs. Alberta is one of the best places in the world for finding dinosaur fossils. These were first found in the early part of the last century. A truly wonderful museum, the Royal Tyrrell Museum has the most comprehensive and informative display of dinosaurs you are ever likely to see.

Outside the museum, three dinosaurs!!

As we drove on across the never ending flat lands of wheat fields we had wonderful views of the prairie with fluffy white clouds above. It was a wonderful sight.

Following Kenny and Bob on the long and endlessly straight Albertan roads.

 The journey took about seven hours, with us arriving in Saskatoon at 4pm. Our hotel, the Bessborough, overlooks the South Saskatchewan river. A great place to stay and see this large city.

We have now travelled just over 2,000 kms and we are not one third across this vast country! Tomorrow we head 250 kms north-east to the small town of Nipawin, where Kenny is going to fish for our supper. I hope he has success and I can then post some photos of his catch.

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  1. Well, Tim, I'm sure you checked your computer for the Chelsea score! They only just squeezed through 8-0 against 10-man Wigan! They certainly have been a terrific team this year...nearly as good as the Hammers, who drew with Man.City!
    Canada really does have a lot of flat land ,doesn't it? But there are many variations that you're all seeing. It's Mother's day here today (Sunday), so Happy Mother's Day to all. Cheers, Les


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