May 1st - Salt Spring Island

A much better night's sleep, having gone to bed last night at 7pm!! I obviously needed the sleep.

Whilst having breakfast I watched the hummingbirds feeding on the feeder hanging outside the dining room window and managed to take this photo of an Anna hummingbird.

We agreed to meet Bob and Thelma at the Saturday market in Ganges, so headed off at about 10am. On the way we came across this deer watching us from the side of the road.

Salt Spring Island is a haven for wildlife with many different species of birds and mammals, including orcas, that Bob & Thelma saw yesterday on their way across to Salt Spring from  the seaplane

We enjoyed our brief walk around the market and bought some jewelery made by local artisans. The view from the gardens across the bay from Ganges.

We drove back to the house and were greeted by one of Basil's two peacocks putting on a fabulous display for us.

We then had a great meal cooked by Basil & Margaret's son Ian. After lunch we went through our route across Canada with Basil who gave us some ideas of places to visit and also some alternative routes to take. It is such a vast country that we are spoilt for choice and hopefully we will be able to see most of the major sights. We have just seen newsreel from Calgary where a blizzard hit the city yesterday. Scenes of chaos on the roads do not bode well for us! Let's hope that by the time we get there in just over a week the weather has improved.

Tonight we are going to Hastings House in Ganges, a local hotel and restaurant, for a farewell meal with Basil, Margaret and Ian. A small way for us to thank them for all their help and kindness.

Tomorrow we leave at 9am for the short drive to the ferry that takes us from Salt Spring Island to Vancouver Island and then we board a second ferry from Nanaimo to Horsehoe Bay, Vancouver. From there it is a two hour drive up to Whistler, where we will meet up with our Texan friends, Kenny and DeeAnne. The adventure really starts then!!

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Our ninth adventure drive, this time from Salt Spring Island, Vancouver Island in the west of Canada, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the east, with an approximate distance of 5,000 miles.