May 16th - The Northern Lights Motel, Wawa

I failed to mention yesterday's fishing exploits of our intrepid Texan, Kenny. Ever since we have reached the fishing areas of Canada, Kenny has been wanting to go fishing. The first opportunity was in Nipawin, but the Gods were against him when we discovered that the fishing season had not started. The same in The Pas. So, when we arrived on Lake Superior, the sight of cars towing fishing boats really got him excited (not much else does). When we arrived here yesterday afternoon, off he went with his rods (poles in Texas). We on the other hand went sightseeing. Four hours later he returned, empty handed. Not a single fish!! Perhaps his lack of success was due to the fact that Canadian fish have an aversion for Texans!

Maybe he will have better luck today when we cross the border into Michigan for two nights.

Yesterday's evening meal at the Kinniwabi Pines restaurant was a great success. First class food served by very friendly staff. It's the first time any of us have been served by an owner of a restaurant who works part time as an accountant in a gold mine! Apparently, there are several gold mines in the area and with the price of gold over $1,000 per ounce it seems the mining is booming. The demise of paper making in  this area of Ontario, which has resulted in the closure of a mill and the loss of a large number of jobs, has meant mining is increasingly important to the local economy.

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  1. Hi Guys
    Glad all is going well and that you are having a superior time. I suspewct teh issue fro your home coming may be Ash and not the BA strike. It seems to be haunting us again and Clare may be stranded here for a day or so. I am hoping that Germany will be clear so I can transit FRA on Saturday.
    May be in UK early June so I will keep in touch in case we can meet up. Congrats on Chelsea and the FA cup and now the poms ahve done the aussies in the 20/20 tonight in a very good agme . C and I watched it on Eurosport - but in German, very peculiar!


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