May 15th - Thunder Bay

Just received a 'Comment' from our dear friends from Holland, Maria and Toine de Hullu.The Comment is now posted to the May 10th posting.

In answer to them, I am driving in Canada, on the right hand side of the road and I obey their laws, so overtaking the truck on the right would not have been the thing to do!! Now I know the Dutch don't take much notice of road laws as we saw in China and Africa!!!!!

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  1. Hi Folks:I'm writing this in New York, where I went to the OA Dinner; Tim, you'll be glad to know the new Dulwich Master was there, but he's clearly not qualified; he actually said nice things about you! Of course, he also likes my great nephews Clive and Andy, so I suppose he's OK.He seems very nice.
    You missed a remarkable Cup Final, I assume; Chelsea should have won 6-1, but it was very exciting anyway.
    Dr,Spence mentioned that he had hoped you and Wendy might be in Toronto for the Canadian Dinner, but I guess that didn't work out.
    I'm back to Malibu tomorrow (Sunday). Hope all continues smoothly for you all. Les


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