May 12th - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Just a quick posting early in the morning before we explore the city.

Last night I showed the photo we took of the stork/heron to our resident ornithologist, DeeAnne, and she said it was a Sandhill crane. These birds migrate south in winter to the southern United States. We must have seen the birds on their way back north after the winter.

I hasten to add the photo above of a Sandhill crane was NOT taken by me!

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  1. Ahhah....I was right even if I could not identify the species! Where would you be without the amateur ornothologists like Dee Anne and me?
    PeterW (WAG)
    PS Back from Namibia and Clare is here for the w/e and sends her love to you both. I am off to Malawi 22nd May for 8-9 days.


Our ninth adventure drive, this time from Salt Spring Island, Vancouver Island in the west of Canada, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the east, with an approximate distance of 5,000 miles.