May 6th - Lake Louise

This post is being written at 7am on May 7th just before we head for Banff and then on to tonight's stop in Calgary.

Yesterday was our first rest day of the drive and because of the UK election the afternoon was spent glued to my laptop watching the election coverage on BBC. We finally got to bed around midnight, 7am in the UK, and I then realised I hadn't done my normal daily post!

I haven't time now to give a full report, including photos of our stay here at the Chateau Lake Louise, I'll be doing that this evening after we have arrived in Calgary. All I will do is post the beautiful photo that Bob took of the black bear we saw on the road to Jasper.

Apologies for the delay in posting about our rest day in Lake Louise. Here goes.

We woke early to discover it was snowing and the renowned view of the lake was hidden in a 'mist' of fine falling snow. The lake was totally frozen and the vivid blue you see in photos is only there during the summer months. Still, the scenery is truly incredible with high mountains ringing the lake.

The Chateau Lake Louise, built by the Canadian Pacific railway, is at the head of the lake looking towards the mountains that ring the lake on three sides.

We decided to take a 2 kms walk to the end of the lake and the photo above shows the Chateau with the frozen lake in the foreground.

The mountains rising above the end of the lake.

We hurried back to the hotel so that we could watch the results coming in after the polling stations closed at 10pm, but first we drove down to the village of Lake Louise to buy some wine and snacks to have whilst we watched the election results. We watched for an hour and then went down for a traditional afternoon tea of scones, cream, and sandwiches in the hotel lounge. The skies had cleared and now you could see the mountains at the far end of the lake.

By the time we returned to our room the results were starting to confirm the initial prediction of a hung parliament. We finally went to bed just before midnight.

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  1. Tim: This is very upsetting; what do you mean you watched the election results instead of doing your next full posting? You knew Dulwich and Norwood are Labour strongholds! Actually, I watched them too for hours, and can't help comparing the incredibly slow counting of votes compared to the USA; we get the results in minutes; in the UK it took 2 1/2 hours for the first result to come in! Why is that? I found the whole process really weird; anyway, it's still undecided who'll form a government.
    Love your pictures; just think, if you'd shot the bear, Wendy could have a nice fur coat! It looks as if it's cold enough. By the way, Calgary has some great steak restaurants; at least they did when I was there years ago. Keep well, Les


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